11/2/18 – 12/1/18

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Prudence Ho, Baxter Koziol, Julien Langevin, Megan Mosca, Kevin Mosca, Brendan Ripken Shea


Grant Wahlquist Gallery is pleased to present ALTER-EGO, a group exhibition curated by artists Kevin Mosca and Julien Langevin. The exhibition will run from November 2, 2018 through December 1, 2018. The gallery will hold an opening reception on Friday, November 2 from 5 – 8 pm. Please note the gallery will be open by appointment only November 21 – 24.



ALTER-EGO presents works by five painters that use the figure to contextualize an alter-ego or another “self.” Segmented Identity: how many segments? How many facets of identity can be exposed before a portrait becomes representation, and not an alias? Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines an alter-ego as “a second or different version of oneself,” such as “an intimate and trusted friend” or “the opposite side of a personality.” As artists that work in malleable media that are exterior to ourselves, we find that our artwork represents an alternative identity or an “alter-ego” to our own subjective selves. 


The work of the artists in “alter-Ego” is primarily portraiture—however not necessarily self-portraiture. Alternatively, the work reflects both a self-portrait, a narrative portrait, and also a portrait of the viewer as they view and reflect. Kevin Mosca (Brooklyn, NY) paints portraits of god. These images present the shape of a head peering through the overall pattern of crinkled aluminum foil. The paintings play with light, space, and testimonies of faith.

Julien Langevin’s (Portland, ME) work revolves around the idea of identity, familiarity, and belonging. Their paintings show genderless bodies participating in sports or standing alone stagnantly, performing a role. Brendan Ripken Shea’s (Portland, ME) paintings display affection and touch, their figures interacting with objects and other figures to form tender visual relationships.


Prudence Ho (Portland, ME) presents work that involves performance and critiques the role of the artist and the museum as institution. Their videos and objects use repurposed materials to convey critique and narrative. Baxter Koziol’s (Portland, ME) full-body suits also speak to reinvention, forming recycled skins that animate themselves through material and form. They are simultaneously documentary and portraiture. Megan Mosca (Brooklyn, NY) creates garments of self-refection. Viewing clothing as the skin one gets to choose, she prints statements about the less visible functions of clothing, diversifying conversations around the garment.


- Julien Langevin and Kevin Mosca



The gallery is located at 30 City Center, Portland, Maine. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 11 am to 6 pm, and by appointment. Please note the gallery will be open by appointment only November 21 – 24 and December 26 – January 5.For more information, visit, call 207.245.5732, or email